Saturday, February 28, 2009


today was our guides orientation,im one of the stationer!xD woke up at 7.30 felt so ai kun == reached school at 8.30 at met up with lorene the cousin and khai ling the bob.after a few words,the woei jai the CL spoke to everyone with the sentence "orientation starts now!" then everyone started to run run and run with thier PL and PS.they were dirty like a begger.painted pelaka by all the stationer including me xD i throwed one egg on wan lin's head and she's the first one kena by me xD i was kena pelaka by the form3s commitee and dunno who laa.alot of people.HAHA.the form3s played like crazy especially pei pei and ming li the jirachi.both of them are crazy man!guides dismissed at 11.30 and in the end we get scolded by pk HEM the bitch.just because of played over limit and dirty the school.before i back,took photo with ang ai ling xD

one of the kim test-headless doll *scary*

mandy the photographer xDpei pei!take alook on ming li the jirachi

by yih sein *thank you*yih sein =)

killers xD wan ling
ang ai ling


okay people,my friday was destroyed by them.did you know that im around you?did you see me?once again,im not your puppet!you showed your attitide again which is very bad and hated by everyone.i have two words to describe you,YOU SUCKS!no need to talk much about you,you should know yourself.

btw,my friday night was freaking awesome !=DD was enjoying whisky with my dearest.taste so nice man!i likee it so much xDD thanks my dearest!=DD you're my everything.your whisky damn nice.just drank alil bit not im still awake here to blogging and not mabuk-ing =)

oh oh,i mean my dearest MOM. lmao x)

wheee ! =D

sunday im going to the class celebration with my classmates and form teacher.see you guys!=DD


i will always remember the day i was slapped by my mother.i did somehting very wrong that infuriated her.she was angry that i played truant everyday of the week.i sobbed and had a huge arguement with her.i grabbed my mobile phone from the dining table and dashed out from my home.
i walked aimlessly alone on the road.after a long walk,i somehow got to the beach.suddenly,i saw a stranger sitting on the beach.he was a little older than i am.he was casually dressed with polo t-shirt and baggy light blue jeans.when i took a good look at him,he was smoking and drunk.getting up unsteadily from the sand,he made his was towards the dark sea.
i was shocked at what i saw.i could not believe my eyes.was he trying to kill himself?immediately i rushed towards him.pulling him away from the sea.i thanked god i saved him.i dragged him back to the beach.i sat beside him quietly watching him mumble.i stayed with him until he became sober.
after some time,he slowly opened his eyes and looked at me.clearly he did not recognise he looked puzzled.i assured him that im harmless by giving him a gentle touch on his handsome face.the man said "hey" to break the silence.shyly,i said "hi" in a soft voice.we started a conversation.weintroduced to ourselves.the beach getting dark as the sun had set a long time ago.he asked if i want to follow him to a park not far away.
there were not many people at the park.he walked straight to the swing.he started talking.first a little about himself.then more about his dead he did that,tears started rolling down his a trembling voice,he spoke about his dying mother who was now lying motionless in the hospital bad of the Intensice Care Unit.
to him,his mother was everthing.he loved no one more than,he was going to miss her terribly when she is gone.listening to his sad story made me sad.i realised i still have a mother,one who loved me and was still alive,unlike him.i must thanks "Edward" for he taught me something tonight.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


we're started with something more stickers on people's back,yih sein found a pad inside her bag.its not belong to her but dunno why suddenly there're pad inside her bag.maybe her secret admire put it inside?xD for megan,she started to play with it.alicia and yih sein played with her too.they used red ink pen to draw on the pad and make it looks like the menstrual period. *disgusting!*they were enjoyed playing with it while teacher was teaching.LOL.after that megan sticked it on jolene's back side again.she's always the victim xD its like freaking funny than the previous stickers.can you imagine that?a pad with menstrual period is stick on your body! *omfg* faint!O.o but at least this time we're trying something new.xD
jolene had updated her blog with the title here to translate her newest post.
-to stick on people's back side and show off to the public.make her sia sui infront of everyone.
-paint with red ink and make it looks like menstrual period.stick on people's back side or the toilet's door.
c)class's windows
-throw out the junk food's packet from the windows.because we cant throw it to the dustbin or else kena denda.
d)alicia's school bag
-once you open her bag,you will get damn alot of food inside of it.if you hungry you can dig from there =)
e)class's cardboard
-for those lazy bubs to keep their text books.because they're lazy to bring their books everyday *including me =)*

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


wednesday,schooling day =) went to school early for sastera cina.last night done my sastera homework at 2am thats why felt so ai kun today.ate hokkien mee after sastera and i love my eggiee xDD today we were talked about primary stuff in the class.everyone did something stupid during primary school.still remember,jolene and me argued with each other when we stnd6.that day was our school exam and she purposely stepped on my bag.immediately,i ran out from my class and saw what she did.we started our arguement and finally we sent to the principal's room. *wtf?* its a small small case and we just argued like a small kids.its freaking childish man!i know im.LOL.after that,me and megan was talked about one guy that he loves to cry and ban ke lian == we all laughed like hell in the class and looks like siao lang.*laughsoutloud* and of course megan did something stupid too!too bad im not sharing with you guys here because i will kill by her if i say it out here =x
mommy fetched today and we ate curry fich head for our dinner!LOL.


tuesday,schooling day.they bought damn alot of junk food and shandy == and ate in the class.its like normal case to us for eating in that our hobby?LOL.and i freaking beh syok them.i was alone there,paid attention and did my think what am i?your puppet?!sorry buddy,im not!so i was just keep quiet and dint talked to them.after resess they started to talked to me.and it was our school kawat kecemasan kebakaran.but this time differents to the previous one.because we played with the stickers again.jolene the victim.xD now she's the mouse!xD megan did a long one and sticked on her ass.there was one long long tale on her ass man!LMAO.but too bad nobody notice her tale accept our classmate.LOL.they're gone wild,even kecemasan kebakaran and stayed at the feild also wanna to play.maybe they're still small kid =)
megan tan rainbow,im not trumpet anymore yea =)


4days tak update blogg.freeaking busy this few days.homeworks kill and ranger stuff.super duper tired man! ==
monday,schooling day.talked nonsense in school with all my seafood.since jolene started her blog.we became seafood form human being and imma star fish man!xDD super ai kun during science period.I HATE VASANTA! *beetch* me and yih sein almost fell asleep while megan and alicia enjoying to play with their stickers.they sticked all their stickers on jolene's back side and she didnt know that! *omfg* some X on her ass and funny funny thing sticked on ther body.even the candy!LOL.its like freaking funny,we laughed like hell and she dinnt notice that.HAHA.after that,we took her to the canteen after science lab.jolene and her stickers was walked around the canteen and of course we brought her to walk around the school.xD everyone passed by laughed like an idiot and she thought that she's famous.HAHAHAHA.after recess finally she notice that she had sia sui for the whole recess.we were laughed until fell down from the staircase.its really funny if you see her confusing face.xD too bad we were in school so no photo.oh ya.and people!finally i passed my first aid man!so happy weihh.i took the test since form2 and until form4 i only passed it == maybe imma an idiot?LOL.
at night went to tuition with yih sein again == *bored* this time i no late anymore!=DD not really understand what teacher teaching about.we were talking around?but i dont think so.teacher gave us questions to do and we were trying our best to do the end,we borrowed from the one infront of me and copied it == useless?LMAO.yih sein was very pek chek for the question paper.end up she dint pass up and i passed up with an uncomplete answer.
and and im freaking suka the plasterdoll man!so freaking cute babee!=DD just take alook when you're free =)

cys! say thank you x)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


messenge tone woke me up at 8 == was freaking sleepy man! *faint O.o* went to downstairs at 8 something and i cant find your car until you called.actually i still cant find it after your called xD and it was just beside me == *imma blind* reached mcd at 9 and started our meeting at there.
* P & C * =x
after meeting went to zhi lin's house xD for fun.HAHA.mei wan was also there =) jian ming came after his tuition.four of us crapped at zhi's house and felt so sleepy == zhi's mum bought us ya fan(said by zhi lin xD) duck rice. * thanks auntie =D * we talked about camp again!LOL.oh oh,something happened before this!xD before zhi's parents came back the chicken uncle(dunno what it call) sent them one pack of chicken for them.its freaking geli and smelly man!LOL.uncle pass to zhi thru her side door and she cant take it in cause dint open the door!xD her hand was stuck outside the door and holding the chicken but her body is inside the house.lmao,damn funny man!xDD jian mign went back early at and zhi lin played on the keyboard.HAHA.was chatting with you gene and zhi's friends.i keep kacau zhi when she's typing.mei wan just stand there and keep looking at us.maybe we're too siao that make her cant tahan.LMAO.fetched mei wan home at 6.45

zhi lin im sorry,i took it just now xD

and and tmr im going to samantha's house!!=DD babeee,im coming soon!!=DD

Friday, February 20, 2009


you're not here again.i know you had transfered school =( or maybe i will transfer went to school by bus persiaran xD uncle used his own bus persiaran to fetch us *proud man!* reached school at 12.10 strated to searching for jolene and in the end i found her at stadium as she always keep herself inside the hot and dark environment.its bad for your health, started at 12.40 this time megan and yih sein dint late for the class.they were late last week because both of them went to gurney after rumah sukan and i guess they are shopping until forgot the time.LOL.alicia the fa Q (okay people,the meaning of fa Q means f*ck you translated in chinese and alicia the one who always scold f*ck you,so we just call her as fa Q.LOL) bought damn alot of junk foods for us.maybe it just for herself but we stole it from her.HAHA.was argued with megan during maths that a argument?!okay fine,i just duwan bother about her until she talked to me.recess time went to lepak with them and of course we went to book store to kacau auntie xD after recess was school assembly.argued with magan again because of the same reason. *lema wtf?!* i told myself i will just keep quiet and dont wanna talk to her anymore.our class P4D was kena complain by damn alot of teachers and students about our discipline and cleaningness.but today we doesnt kena during the school assembly.we're not the kelas yang terburuk man!unbelievable weihh!we were kena this for like already 3 years.form1 until form 3 our class kena the most,should i be prond of that?HAHA xD school dismissed at 6.20 reached home at 7sharp
ends of the word,i miss you and you doesnt know that =')

Thursday, February 19, 2009


not really in a good mood =( maybe just beacause of you.this is my 3rd day without you.dont feels like going into there since you're not around.last time,you were just beside me =( but now,i have to go on my life without you.although i lost a friend like you,but i have another friend that can be trusted.* thanks jolene,im touched =) * she will always beside me,listen to me,talk to me.she's the only one that treat me like that.of course yih sein and the rest also treat me like my sister.but she's really the one who will listen to me.just like today,she's trying to make everyone happy.jokes and laughter came from her.and she did something to me.she coloured my specs! ==
should i be angry?but she's just tyring to make me laugh.
neeway,thanks babe!=) i will rtye here beside you if you want xD

right side with pink colour.left side with red colour.

oh my specs!=( what a pity.LOL.i was wearing it to showed off in school including the teacher.yih sein said she dont wanna walk with me cause i will make her sia sui.izit that sia sui to you?!it just.....a special specs ryte?HAHA.maybe you care about it =) btw megan,im not TRUMPET! == sometimes maybe imma trumpet ==

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


you're gone you're gone you're gone! =(
i dint know that you had to go.thought that you're just kidding like my classmates.
yesterday was your last day in school.and i just wasted your last day!
i should talk to you.
i should smile to you.
i should wave my hand to you.
but now it's too late =(
cant imagine that you're gone now.and i know you wont be back anymore =(
its like so fast,why all the sudden?!dont have any sign at all =(
yesterday i was still looking at you,today i have to move my vision to another one.
i will go on without you.
like a fool who's too sure.
im like a bird who lost her wings.
a fire without its flame
i dunno how to be strong
when i lost a friend like you =(
maybe i will be okay soon,but i can sure that not now.
everyday i have to be sad inside there.
everyday i see no one.
and i have to tell myself,you're just away for few months.
i know im lying myself,but i have no choice.
i cant stop my tear drops unless i stop thinking of you.
i was talking to my friends about you,i was crying. =(
you dint know,you should not know.
i will keep it to myself,untill you're lost in my mind.
end of the words,
good luck in your future,goodbye my friend =']


monday,schooling day *bored ==* today kena scold by vasanta again *wtf?==* she such as a biatch!LOL.jolene and megan stayed in class during and yih sein teman-ed alicia to find her cousin.actually both of us just want to walk pass some classes.HAHA.and its good enough for me =) *thanks yih sein* and the goo ching ching asked me to cut my hair!*stupid her* after school,went to account tuition with yih sein.oh yeahh,the idiot keep make me laugh.we just talk,laugh and sms.of course we got pay attention laa.but not that much =) heres our conver.
wern yen ; yih sein
eh,you know how to do?
alil bit laa..
*take alook on her paper* you know how to do meh?
i dunno how to do
==!! keh gao la you!
shut up laa.
okay lor =x

it just one part of our conver.still got alot =)
after tuition fetched by mum and ate supper at a hawker centre.was chatting with my mum for two hours.reached home at 12sharp.

Monday, February 16, 2009

i hate wern yen! kill her please =(

Sunday, February 15, 2009


was finding someone's profile like hell until forgot to write post == *sorry im late*
today was valentine's day!HAPPY VALENTINE EVERYBODY!=DD but too bad,everyone went back to school today == except for the one who ponteng was our sukantara.see!my valentine so pai mia.muscle cramp like shit and the day so hot!*faint* missed bus today == cause i was late to downstairs.luckily my mum was beside me =) fetched me to school*thanks mum =D* reached school at 12.30 and started to searching for megan,jolene and yih sein.first i saw yih sein with jia huey.then i found megan with jolene.alicia absent for today and im sure she went out with her valentine =) brought hair pin to school but kena tangkap by the stupid blue bird!begging her for like gonna cry infront of her she only let me go.or else i gonna demerit weih!lol.this is under my school rules:no hair pin even its a black hair pin.*stupid rules ==* went to ceramah and listen to the malay crapping.we were playing during ceramah.hit each other hand.*okay people,i know we're childish ==* my hand was hits by jolene and in the end my hand pain like shit!*stupid jolene* after that,recess-ed with megan jolene and yih sein.and why i have to be an actress?!*thanks to yih sein ==* need to kesi here and kesi there.we saw the somebody during recess but too bad no someone =( met someone for only twice but met up with the somebody like a thousand times ==
sukantara starts now!=DD of course im helping my rumah kuning to get some marks for the sports day =) we did four acara which is lompat jauh,lompat tinggi,100meter and lontar peluru.the day was so freaking hot!i was like in the microwave man!but i love sports especially running babe!=DD school dismiss at 6.20 today.

Friday, February 13, 2009

was helping jolene with her blogspot.she's a blogger now! =D *clap hands*
we were discussing about her blog the one who help her to create.LOL.laughing whole day because she's crazy!talk nonsense all the way.and she want to write in her blog.HAHA.
then,today we get our brand new timetable and one of my teacher had changed! O.o *faint* changed to a malay teacher to teacher me PJ and sivik now.she's a new teacher thats why kena bully by students xD but too bad the stupid VASANTA no changing!!*wtf* she is an idiot and dumbass!stupid ahpunene!that day we were in the science lab.she was asking us one question but we no answer cause everyone busy copying notes.stupid her asked all of us to stand up for no reason!when i stand up,i put my pencil box on the table.and she shout:"PUT AWAY YOUR PENCIL BOX!" lema.what i did?!i just put my pencil box on the table and pencil box should be put on the table ryte?!*fucking asshole* after that,she came toward my table and asked me:"wahh..this is your pencil box or your bag?*smile*" she is exactly sampat!!== what the hell she doing?and everyday come to our class said she gonna send ms.Yeoh(the principal) a blacklist of P4D.blah blah blah.she's crazy man!you think the pricipal so eng to see you?LMAO.
brand new timetable. p.s/: I HATE VASANTA!
this is our discussion for jolene's blog.LOL *front view*
*back view*

Thursday, February 12, 2009


schooling day,woke up at 10am to continue my karangan == *thanks to goo ching ching*
called alicia for my doughnut!=DD she was at gurney with yih sein and megan.i was disappear because i wanna take a good rest in my bedroom xD *wink wink* went to school by bus.i dint sit bus for like a thousand days.LOL.reached school at 12something.i was collecting money around the school and met ah khaw!xD after that,i saw both of them and they smile to me!*omg O.o* unbelievable man!xD i ate doughnut in the class and that was freaking delicious!=DD alicia bought 6peices of doughnut including chocoholic,cheezy,oreo,white forest and almond.alicia,yih sein and megan was playing bubbles == *childish* after my doughnut i was also played with them xD luckily dint kena from teacher.jolene acting gina during eating.LOL.her mouth and teeth is full of chocolate man!xD what a wonderful day!=DD

p.s./: p4D rocks!xD

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


finally,im infront of my computer again =P
last week,i went to singapore with parents.met up with alot of auntie and uncle.and of course my friend xinning!=D but now i gonna post some pictures that i took before singapore.
singapore pictures will be late cause i freaking lazy to upload pictures xD
Before Singapore
monday,which is the day that i went to singapore.
woke up early to go to school and of course i bought my phone to school.alicia absent on that day,too bad she cant meet up with me xD ate hokkien mee and sandwiches and milo for my lunch cause i dont get to eat for maybe one week.went back early from school and ate bubur ayam at mcd greenlane.oh oh!calvin said he saw me but i dint cause im not feeling well on that day,feels like vomiting.and actually i went back eraly cause need to go singapore.8something taxi arrived and leave penang.
yih sein
megan -HAHAHA xD
teddy bear!=DD -she's kind =)