Tuesday, April 28, 2009

boring day

until now i still havent update with my campfire thingy.LOL.know what?cause i havent get the photos of campfire from miss.tan may may LOL!when will you give it to me?dont feels like updating but yeoh zhi lin asked me to update == just because she's boring?nothing special today.ponteng rumah sukan AGAIN and this is my 4th time xD skipped latihan volley ball damn alots of times.i guess i'll get screw by teacher soon.xD forget to go for club meeting again.dont worry,this is only my 2nd times.khai ling dont blame me =P took class photo and ate sushi in class =P thanks alicia babe!=D and jolene wasted lots of paper today.wrote lots of idiot stuff.my whole class,only 4 of us passed up their report card and i lied to teacher!*omg omg* i said:teacher,my parents went to singapore le.so they havent sign for my report card.LOL.no choice,cause i got a bad result so i dont dare to give mummy.we were playing,sleeping,talking in class as usual =] ohya.and teacher teaching as usual xD follow school bus went back to home and ate DAI LOK MEE for my dinner xD thats all for today =P
zhi lin,blog updated! ==
i dont think you can read it.LOL
read it carefully,chi yuen!xD
guess what?i get 6 for my maths ==

Friday, April 24, 2009

the day before the day

friday,which is the day before campfire.everyone feel so nervous and excited especially sheng hui the chairlady =] she's worrying about her child like what i worried last week.LOL! had McD breakfast *thanks mummy* reached school at 10something and started to work work and work under the hot sun.carried the eiffel to the top of the gadget.its sooo freaking heavy.it was fell down form the top to the ground and knocked xinyi's head.now she had phobia to it.finally,we did it!=D *proud proud* make it stable and all.around two the helpers came over our school.me and lushi watched a movie that showed in our school.HAHAHA.we waited this moment like hell man.xD finally,we get to see it.and its fun!everyone laughed like hell and the actress started to blush.lmao.after that,we started to put our second eiffel.was raining all the way and we still holding it.we just cnt even leave it or put it.it was so so sooo hard for us?khai ling asked sheng hui to ask help from the BANGLADESH but she said no.maybe she wanna show our women's power?xDD everyone became serious that time.no more funny things no more laughters.shouted like hell.cutted my hand and ALMOST fell down from the top of the gadget.LOL.finally,mission complete.thanks yuen lin,lorene,pei pei,iris and lushi =] nothing special after the eifflel.rush to goodall and sheng hui missed her bus.she wanted to tumpang my bus but too bad my bus was late today.so we decided to drinks and sheng hui wants to eat her dinner over there.after ordered the food and drinks.my bus was like going halfway!i shouted at sheng hui:"my bus coming my bus coming!" then both of us damn kelam kabut and rush to my bus.end up,i wasted my milo ice and sheng hui's wantan mee.LOL
ohya.i missed one part.today brought one box of cappuccino cream cake for my dearest babe!i mean my classmate.xD i guess they enjoyed it while i sunbathing.LOL.and i just wrote something on a piece of sticky note. "enjoy it =] return me after eaten!TQ" guess what.megan replied "diam la!babe!" LOL ==

Thursday, April 23, 2009


two days more to my school campfire.but im still here to blogging.was sick sick and sick after saints gathering & campfire.sorry sheng hui =[ was absent for 3days and i suppose to go school for gadget building.this year like slack all the way?i also dunno what i talking about just feel so sorry to sheng hui and others.i hope i can go school but mum dont allow =[
sorry =[

Sunday, April 19, 2009

saints gathering & campfire

friday night,went to saints after school by ah chun lorry to build our deco.reach there at 7 something.started to do our stuff.thanks zhi lin and mei wan for the help =] we continus to do our tourch since it was sucky to the top.went back at 9.30,khai ling and lorene still builiding the torch over there until 10 something.everyone gathered at khai ling's house for overnight meeting.reach her house at 10something.started to do our mini stage and sketch and dance.video called with sheng hui to practise the retro dance.LOL.everyone was like blur and blur and blur.talked nonsense especially khai ling and lorene slept on the floor.slept at 4 in the morning.we supposed to woke up at 8 to reach school at 9.but we slept until 9 and reach school at 10.went to school practise dance together and continued our mini stage and also the fancy dress.one hour later we went to sxi by lorene's car except for khai ling and sheng hui they went there by taxi because of some reason that i lazy to write it out.reach sxi at 11something and saw yuen lin was over there.she was helping us to do the important part of the torch which is use to light it up.me and lorene started to deco while khai ling sheng hui were doing the stage and iris busy for the fancy dress.shi han came and help over.after register in and we started to shout shout as loud as we can.was freaking busy run here and there and lots of problems.the programmer was freaking funny with his chinese.i know im bad to blog about his chinese.it was just very funny.starting he was talking to me with his cacated chinese and actually i was started to am chio.since he spoke chinese so i just answer him with chinese laa.lorene tried to speak english to him too bad but im still speaking chinese and he was still answering me with chinese.his chinese is so so so freaking funny thats why i purposely spoke chinese to him to make him answer with chinese.lorene was like "ni bu yao jiang huai la!" cause i was playing with him xD his chinese really brought my stress away for just a short while.even just a short while =] thanks programmer =D every school performed a sketch and one retro dance for the gathering.at night everyone went for dinner except for me and lorene.we were continue with the torch as what yuen lin teached.we carried the tower out from school hall to the basketball court.first is the torch presentation.i asked iris to light the fire up and she burned her hand =[ *sorry iris* as i know she was pain and hot like hell.its all my fault.i should not asked her to light it up =[ those form3 performed a modern dance at the campfire.and saints guy started to shuffle again == finally,prize giving ceremony!everyone waited for this moment.too bad,we get only best flag,best dicipline,best deco and 2nd runner up =[ i felt like fainting infront of everyone. i was crying non stop at the back of the backdrop since i heard the result.i dont expect that we can get best overall.but at least 1st runner up.we all like pia so hard but still...finally congrats to sggs to get best overall.on the way back to classroom,had a quarrel with one of the saints guy and when i going up to my car.zhi lin accidentally destroyed my souvenir!thats all for our hardworking?
everybody say: YEAH!! xD
the Form4s =]
Torch of The Night Club


Thursday, April 16, 2009


uniform day,went to school at 11 for sastera cina.never study for the small test xD no digging today cause chairlady was absent!*yahoo* went to ceramah.slept for 10mins only.HAHA.after school follow khai ling's car with lorene the cousin,khai ling's mummy and sister and of course khai ling laa.we laughed laughed like hell and even khai ling's mother pun tak boleh tahan xD went bac k to khai ling's house at 8 something and started for our mini stage.we dint do much cause we keep laughing.LOL.sheng hui and xinyi came over at 10 something.went back home at 10.30 lazy to write xD

Sunday, April 12, 2009


woke up at 12 something.went to cheng beng again.something happened when we on the way to cheng beng.LOL.im so freaking lazy to write now xD

the strong man

Saturday, April 11, 2009

sports day

weekend,school sports day.woke up at 5.30 and felt so sleepy and i was slept for 2hours only == morning called sheng hui at 6 in the morning until 6.25. Guess what?!she so geng even called her for 30+ times and she still can sleep so tight! she pro man!xD reached school at 6.45 and met up with jolene.went to find pn.khaw to kept the money.sportsday started at 8 something.rush to the basketball court lined up with those Rangers =] march,march and march under the hot sun.after that,non of my business!xD went to cari jolene and others.ate pizza,ice-cream,vitagen! xD *imlovingit* left classmates and went to SPBT with shermaine and sheng hui.chit-chat and discuss about SXI gathering and campfire.sports day end at 12 sharp and everyone squeeze in side the school hall.it was freaking hot and filled with alots of students. *dead* stayed back foe ATC patrol meeting.it was only 6 of us == thanks to my ps.LOL. discuss camp stuff with members =] members went home at 3.went to goodall with pei pei,yee phei,lushi,woei jai and of course sheng hui.having lunch with all the greenies.rush back to school and wated to measure holes for campfire with only sheng hui.she gonna ask permission from the PK HEM.although PK HEM accepted but PK 2 asked us to remove the chairs.we removed the chairs from school hall to the backstage.its like so what the hell == its over 100 chairs and only 2 of us removing it == we dint finish remove all the chairs cause we still need to measure.LOL.went down to feild at 5.then only started to measure the holes == sheng hui's dad fetched home at 5.45 and we dont get to go nan yang to buy pelaka =[ cause its too late.reached home at 6 something and met up with mei wan at swimming pool.talked for like an hour.went back home and mandi then went out to dinner with family =] ate korea steamboat! delicious la man!xD reached home at 10 and sat infront of my computer again =]
The Result of Sports Day:
1) Green
2) Red
3) Yellow
4) Blue
5) Purple

penang chinese girls high schoolpenang chinese girls (private) school
penang chinese girls primary school
yellow house rocks on!
he looks great xD

belated drilling comp's pictures =]

Bahagian 4 - Jovagle report in paras
retarded + hip hop style
fellow excos

Sunday, April 5, 2009


woke up at 1 somehting.continue typing my name list.was extreamly busy this few days.lots of name in side my mind *faint* went to gurney with daddy.mum was lazy == having lunch at kim gary.wanted to watch movie but too bad dad said he dont feels like watching.went down to popular and searching for thai recipe.im going to cook thai dish for the coming camp == i have tno idea with what i gonna cook so decided to asked from my parents =] nothing much,went back home at 6 something and its a raining day again



woke up at 7 in the morning.went to school met up with classmates and we were the audience if the singing competition =] some of our friends joined the competition.honestly,im not paying attention when they singing xD i was there talking to others and walked in waked out.tze huay was like turning her head to the back for thousand times.*pity her* the girl seems like dunno how bahagia is she == left school hall at 11.30 wait for ah chun at the car park.the ah chun was like bla bla bla and feels like killing him ==me,sheng hui and khai ling moved all the bamboo to the feild.daddy fetched after his work *love love* went to town to buy stuff for camps.after that,straight away went to theresa's house for ATC'09 meeting.every PL get their own circular.khai ling was like super excited == and i kena pranked by evon == party get started!xD we have a great night with BBQ! i mean teppanyaki.xD after dinner senior and juniors shared their experience and of course we made some jokes.everyone laughed like hell.and honestly i was horribly tiring.LOL.finally at home at 11.30 and i dint get to see my mum for like a whole day!