Sunday, December 28, 2008


i will put others ahead of myself.
i will find a way to help,not a way to hide.
i will be ready when im called.
i will be glad for the chance to serve.
i will check with the right person before i make commitments.
i will try new things.
i will ask for help.
i will remember what worked in the past.
i will study to slove problems.
i will use my talents for good.
i will keep my words.
i will be careful what i promise.
i will correct my mistakes.
i will pull my share of the load.
i will not have a bad attitude.
i will finish my projects.
i will do a jod right.
i will follow instruction.
i will concentrate on my work.
i will not be lazy.
i will not give up.
i will take one step at a time.
i will keep my eyes on the goal.
i will npt let criticism discourage me.
i will keep going even though im tired.
i will be an energy-giver.
i will smile. =)
i will treat every job as important.
i will put my whole heart into what i do.
i will not be discouraged by failure.
i will be quick to forgive.
i will not cover up my own wrongs but will be quick to ask for forgiveness.
i will not seek revenge.
i will respond kindly to those who hurt me.
i will not take up offenses for others.
i will show my parents and teachers that i appreciate them.
i will write "thanks you" notes.
i will take care of my things.
i will be content with what i have.
i will count my benefits rather than my burdens.
i will look beyond appearances.
i will accept people for who they are.
i will help others grow in character.
i will look at myself first.
i will not confuse what is right with what is popular.
i will see goals.
i will make sure my goals are right.
i will ignore distractions.
i will not be discouraged.
i will face problem head-on.
i will not wait until the last minutes.
i will be on time.
i will allow extra time for delays.
i will not keet others waiting.
i will remember deadlines.
i will look at people when they speak to me.
i will ask question if i dont understand.
i will sit or stand up straight.
i will not draw attention to myself.
i will keep my eyes,ears,hands,feet,and mouth from distractions.

thanks to my brother,he told me this ==


zhi lin,jian ming and mei wan went to my house on 24th.
we suppose to bbq but we we ate junk food all the night and dint countdown at all == cause...we busy pranking CALVIN!xD we enjoy here he angry there.haha.
thats all ==


last night i was night market-ing with my daddy.
suddenly "ring!ring!" some one called unknown number ==
i answer the call and i heard some one called me "cha boh!" for twice.
i thought was stranger but finally i recognise that voice!
it was xinning!!=DD
she used her singtel number to call me. i dint expect that she will call back.luckily i can recognise her voice.LOL
was talking to her and told her every single things that happened between we all.
after that.we were sms-ing each other until now.=)

to fellow xn's friends:
she said: so far so good and she miss you guys!=P


last week we went to gurney with xinning for the last time.she was leaving on 24th december.
oh ya.i lazy to write d.xD i got an easy way to say it out.

we went..

1st,kim gary
3rd,a & w
4th,window shopping

p/s: i did that book for xinning!xD with jian ming and mei wan lar. =P

Sunday, December 21, 2008


she is leaving soon =[
tuesday we are going out with her for the only last time and she is leaving early in the morning of 24th dec.
im here to say thanks,xinning.
thanks for the help during overnite meeting.
although we did nothing but we really enjoyed that night.
thanks for the advice when i have problems.
although we are from different units but you really teached me alot of things.
thanks for the tear drops when we talked on the phone.
although its my own problems.
thanks for the memories during atc and traplex.
although we quarreled alot of times and you bring me alot of laughter.

i miss the moment that you curi-curi come find me.
i miss the moment that we were together in the playground.
i miss the moment that we met together at sing kah poh,roti canai and victory.
i miss the moment that we gossip infront of the CC while the guys were playing dota.
i miss the moment that we took our ULs photo together.
i miss the moment that we overnite at my ul's house.
i miss you.=]

thanks my ex-ps
thanks miss kembang
thanks miss atc.
thanks xinning.

take care =']

Friday, December 19, 2008


Selection Day

scouts dance
guides dance
combine dance!==

PreCamp Day1-Day3

Traplex Day1-Day4


piggy back-xinyi & wan lin

wan lin


ASSL Chuah

nelson or nicholas?O.o (THANKS ASSL CHUAH!)

nelson AND nicholas!xD (THANKS ASSL CHUAH!) take 1

take 2!

khai ling!xD


Camp Night


say cheezeee =D


oppsiee x)


khai ling

yue jin : alvin

cried for her =(

Tower & Gateway





Monday, December 15, 2008


congrats to yuen lin's patrol infacted.
they get best overall for their CTC!
aldo they have no scouts at all.they can do so well.=)
they can do everything withput scouts.including mascot and ship.
this is what we call girl's power!xD
keep it on!you guys rockx!=D

Monday, December 8, 2008


camp is over.everthing will be turn back to normal.
ps:/ I GET TO SLEEP AND EAT EDI!!!!!!!!!!xD
i memang tired since the meeting started until now.mwahahaha.
aldo we are not the winner.but i feel so glad to know you guys.feel so happy get to enjoy this camp.(so so la.not very very enjoy la) *lmao* feel so...TIRED* xD
btw,congrat to all the winners. =D
for the other patrol and MY UNIT MEMBERS:we already did our best. =)

zhi lin go zhi lin!miss you guys.=D