Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now That She's Gone

first i would like to shout
holidays is coming! :DD
and megan is going :(
now she's no longer a pcghs-er
how sad uh
brought my tiny camera to school
took pictures with megan :)
well,she didn't drop any tears from her eyes
it doesn't mean that she's happy that she leaving
its all about heart-to-heart
you know we'll be missing you badly :')
megan tan chin chin
good luck and all the best
do appreciate your last year in high school
with your
new school
new life
new friends & new uniform

Friday, November 13, 2009


well, no more exam!
hoorayyyy! :D
do you know nowaday
all the primary students are like so tall
some are even taller than me!
i am so-called sat bai! ==
im wondering what they eat for their meal
anyway, went to dinner with Jay Sheng and his family
is that a family gathering dinner or the parents face-to-face dinner?
okay i not sure
after that guitar like usual :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perniagaan Wern Yen

spot my name! :DD

my name was appeared in examination paper! :DDD
it was sooo surprising and special *laughsoutloud*
last week when we were having our Accounts paper everyone in class was like
"WERN YEN! WERN YEN! *hahaha* "
i was wondering what they laughing and right after that i saw my name!
since when i own myself a perniagaan? xD
ryte now, i am famous in all the classes of bidang Accounts! HAH