Friday, January 30, 2009


tuesday,zhi lin went to mei wan's house at 2 something to prepared for the party.went down to meet her at 3something.we talked beside the pool and saw chong wee!xD he went to find his friends which is stay at here too!I,myself went to a HELLO & BYE BYE outing with my cousins at queensbay.i went late so i just walked into the cinema and watched Inkheart with them.dont get to shop with them xD after that,went to OldTown again ==
around 7 something uncle dropped me home and went to mei wan's party which is held at her house.its a new year party if not mistakken.went back home first to change clothes and just walk to mei wan's house. *we stay at the same place!* =D thats was also a birthday party for mei wan!=D HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!we ate birthday cake only and started to gamble again.LOL. went back home at 12 something and mei wan accompany me to walk back! *thanks mei wan!* =D
zhi lin =Demo jian ming!xD

khai ling w/ durex ==daniel ; wai kinhendry?! xD

Monday, January 26, 2009


as you know,im patrick the dumb dumb starfish in spongebob squarepants.
SAMANTHA go back to spongiebob now and ZHI LIN now is gary the spongie's snail/cat.
actually i asked her to be squidward but she duwan.she wan the name keith but that is not a character from spongebob i forced her to change to gary the snail.HAHA *evil?xD*
and now three of us put-ed the same layout in fs and feautured each other. i dint expect that 3 girls from different schools can be sooo close!we're now a bigg family!=DD
so i decided to intro them thru this post.
zhi lin the gary ; which is a hyper girl from sggs.
samantha the spongiee ; which is a pweetie girl from cgl.
wern yen the patrick ; which is also a hyper girl from pcghs.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


today brother came back from singapore.and also xinning =) woke up at 9 sharp.when i going to read the msg that sent by xinning.i accidentally dropped my phone! *omg* and now my handphone totally cannot use at spoiled =( dont get to use phone for one whole day.Ate my breakfast with family members at Maxims the dim sum shop.xinning went there too!=D but too bad i dint meet up her.after breakfast went to lip sin market.mummy bought some vege for tonight.reach airport at 12 sharp to fetch my brother.he bought me some new clothes and one burberry's bag.he's exactly a singaporian now!LOL.after that,went for lunch at Pulau Tikus and went to pray.went back home at 5 something.helped mummy to prepare food for the dinner and ate steamboat at home.its freaking delicious weihh! *i'm loving it* =D


yesterday was my last day in school before CNY!everyone ki hiao maybe because of CNY == including jolene megan alicia and yih sein == keep listening to their words.what a pity!and im so excited!cause xinning coming back today!oh yeah.xD went to queensbay after school.dinner at super tanker first.then bought two new clothes at padini.daddy bought one new crocodile shirt and one levis jeans.went back at 11 sharp.went to Old Town again for for supper.laughing all the way with my family members.what a wonderful night weih!*im loving it* reached house at 12.30 and tmr brother coming back!*scary* O.o

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


woke up at 5.30am again (SAMANTHA,i woke up earlier than you!) ==
today following mummy to hospital.freaking ai kun == slept at hospital while waiting mummy.
went to school at 11.30 for sastera was freaking fun during the lesson.i love sastera cina weihh!=D
after that,went back to classroom.i fell asleep during maths lesson and kena scolded by the "soundtrack" teacher == alicia decided to play bingo with me during accounts lesson so that i wont fall asleep,both of us dint listen to what the teacher said.LOL.recess time stayed at class and gossip.quarreled with eunice wong the prefect who is banana wong's sister.she's suck!and no manners! here's the conver

wernyen ; jolene ; alicia ; megan ; vanessa ; prefect

siao! *talk softly*
what you said?!
what?i talking to her lah. *actually she's scolding the prefect*
if you dare you say again!
eh,who's the head prefect uh? *laughing*
*prefect staring at four of us*
*points to the prefect * not you ar?haihh.too bad!
head prefect is ying xing lahh.not her! *laughing*
serious?!wow!her sister was the head prefect but she she's not!
at least i better than you all!
so what?!we dont even bother kay!
ya lahh.rather be a normal students also duwan to be prefect ar!
*four of us laughing*
you all be careful! *walked away from our class*
scare you ar?bye bye!dont come back again har. *shouting*
*four of us still laughing and gossiping about the prefect*
you all better shut up! *counting the number of students*

Monday, January 19, 2009


schooling day,was kinda sleepy today.cause last night slept at 4am == *cant sleep for no reason* yih sein disappeared the whole day cause she went to the ping pong competition which is held at my school hall.i dont even understand whats the "soundtrack" teacher teaching about.her english damn poor!even mine one also better than her.*it's true ==* while doing maths paper,we were gossiping about "C".what a seductive topic!== i think for now you should know what we gossiping about.this topic was started from megan.she's crazy!asked to gossip about "C".she telling us about the flavour and I,myself have a good idea.that is coming from durian!maybe after 10 years there would be "C" with a durian flavour selling at 7-11!LMAO i know im crazy too!xD jolene also suggested some fruits."C" lychee,"C" papaya and "C" dragonfruits!oh my gosh,we're crazy man!*laughsoutloud*
after recess was bm lesson.when the fat lady walked in our class and the floor started to cracked!she as fat as an elephant plus pig!*i know im very bad,but it's true* she allowed the student who dont have a new exersice book to buy during her lesson although she's a discipline teacher.we suppose to stay in class and cannot go anywhere after recess time.luckily im not one of them.i brought my new exercise book *good student xD* when we were copying notes,alicia started with one piece of paper and passed around to the whole their topic is "kiss me once,kiss me twice,kiss me again and again" == Obviously,she is a horny girl =) the whole class gossiping on a piece of paper.its kinda fun when the whole class talking together and luckily dint catch by the discipline teacher whos teaching in front of us.HAHA.this is what we like to do-P4D rocks!xD after that was our pj.everyone went to the basketball court and played with basketball.i saw Yong Rytaro!he can recognize me weih!=D he said HI to me and we talked for a short while.oh
yah.he's only 11 years old and he is a japanese boy!*cute* knew him since last year ujian
penjagaan kanak-kanak.he was one of the children =D

Yong Rytaro ;
picture since last year ujian penjagaan kanak-kanak.

reached home at 7.30 and went for accounts tuition at 8.30.was kinda sleepy when teacher teaching == went to Old Town with parents after tuition,ate hor fun and toast.reached home again at 11 sharp.

no pictures cause dint bring along my camera ==

Sunday, January 18, 2009


sunday,my family day =) woke up at 1 sharp and online for a short while.went to queensbay with parents at 1 something.having lunch at Taiwan Bull in queensbay.its freaking expensive and not nice at all!it cost RM62.80 == i didn't finish up my food cause its really pai chiak *wasted* and i can felt that my dad was angry at me.his face expression totally turned black!*sorry daddy =(* but luckily he still buy me some new clothes.x) window shopping after lunch.bought only one jeans from P&Co which cost my dad RM129.00 and only one shirt from Puma cost RM59.90 my dearest daddy bought one nike AIG shirt which cost him RM296 for himself == i suggested him to buy red colour but he duwan and bought white ==!when i showed mummy my collections,she said that my Puma shirt kinda UGLY!*wtf* its very nice kayy.even my daddy also said nice.oh yahh.i saw VANNESA,my classmate =) *she's lansi xD* second round went to gaint.bought some food and drinks for daddy paid for it again.its over hundred if not mistakken.*thanks dad =D* went for dinner after gaint.the food there not really nice except the curry fish head.reached home at 10 sharp.

no pictures cause forgot to bring my camera ==


yesterday was our school was a fun time during gotong-royong.we suppose to take pictures but we dint.thanks to my discipline teachers == so during gotong royong,5 of us ordering people to work but we busy-ing for our own homework.*laughsoutloud*cause need to hang up before the bell ring.everyone were cleaning the classroom except 5 of us.i think we are hated by everyone in the class.HAHA.after finished up our homework,people still cleaning but we ponteng-ed!ran to block lama from block 98.fill up our water bottle and started to play with water.i was kena the most from yih sein and she kena from me and jolene.megan emo-ed there.*kiam pa* then walked around the school.luckily takda discipline teachers.xDwe were playing all the time while people working.LMAO next,we went back to classroom and continue our studies.
no pictures cause no camera ==
reached home at 7 sharp.started to online again.
i saw my favourite Ferrero Rocher!too bad its for my sister not me =(
at the same time,i found my primary school's mag!
read all the comments that my primary schoolmates and teachers wrote for me and those pictures.
*miss them lots* we got a great memories when we were in pcgps =)
its for her.not me ==

their signatures =Dno.40 xD

Saturday, January 17, 2009


its 1.43am now and im still (oppsiee!i mean yesterday xD) went to queensbay after school.reached home at 7.30 and follow mummy to queensbay.dinner at kapitan and i ate tandoori and cheese chicken kebab.kinda nice man!i love cheese!xD after that,went to popular for sejarah text book but too bad cant find it at queensbay's popular =( so just bought a correction tape =P oh yahh.the cashier was our school ex-prefect!BANANA WONG actually is jocinda wong but she looks like banana so we just called her as banana xD she talked to me and asked me where's my ribbon cause im still wearing my school uniform but without ribbon.she's a cashier and not a prefect now but still catch me for broke the school rules == next,went to maxis for my WAYNE ROONEY xD asked mummy to top up 30bucks for herself and bought a rooney for myself.NYEHEHE *evil* went back home at 10.30 and online again.
i just realized that i havent done my fcuking homework and today is saturday but still need to go back to the fcuking school == sumore later gonna start our gotong-royong.thanks to my principal == and the discipline teacher dont let us to bring camera for our moral project!(WE NEED TO TAKE PICTURES OF GOTONG-ROYONG FOR MORAL PROJECT!)she said we were late for asking her ==

picture of my ROONEY!xD

Thursday, January 15, 2009


as you know,my class is P4D but until today i only notice that i like it so much!just because of my dear classmate =)
they're chin chin the megan who's looks like a form1 student,loves rainbow and IMVU so much ; jolene the mermaid who's is very perasan and likes to make us laugh ; yih sein the hor fan who's is megan and jolene's "target" ; alicia the sexay lady who's likes to go moise and flirt xD and of course the rest but im not really close with them.xD
our class is like a playground.every ginaa enjoy their studies and entertainment there.form teacher is our mother.she will solve all the problems and treat us like her children.this year jolene still a secretary,and this is her fourth year to be the post.*laughsoutloud* yih sein first year to be treasurer and she's suggested by alicia.oh yahh,megan our ketua kebersihan and tze huay our monitor =) everyday making noise and laugh all the time.even teachers also cannot control.xD thanks to my dear classmate to made our class awesome =D *love you guys*

ps/:P4D ROCKS!xD

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


last saturday was our first meeting.
i was following sheng hui's car to school and met up khai ling the BOB and lorene the cousin.
after gossiped for a short while,our ranger meeting started.
i super duper happy when i heard that xinyi to be bahagian1's PS.cause i can be an active member in bahagian1.BUT!too bad im in bahagian4 this year =( i hope they can send me back to B1 =(
oh yahh.and we choose our bahagian name on that day.our bahagian name is JOV-GLE (nice ryte?hahaha)
the meaning of jov-gle means you know,im laughing all the time and like be to a i suggested to use the word "jov".and one of my member suggested to use eagle cause we are as strong as an eagle!
im the one who turn the face.xD bahagian4 ; Jov-gle miss malaysian 2009.LMAO

after that,i went to their recruitment day(i mean pfs) met up mei wan zhi lin and also mee quin =)
when i reached there.we started to gossip again!and xinning called back from singapore again.everyone talked to xinning and she's happy i guess.haha.and of course im helping 7gts to promote their troop.

*gossip all the time*
until the famous ah chun came to pfs and clear all the bamboos.something happeded!xD
zhi lin and mei wan wanted to transfer eiffels from pfs to someone's house that i dunno for thier sggs's you know,im close to them =) so i follow them to transfer here and there.
first round we transfer by ourselve *girl's power!* xD
second round CHONG YEN the leng lui,MATTHEW the tl and ALEX the lao hor helped us transfering the eiffels.and the famous ah chun belanja us milo ais!6 packets weihh!xD and this is the first time that he chia us.and he's like our father.xD
on the way back to pfs,we like siao lang.matt's hair all spiked up because of the wind.leng lui posing all the time.zhi lin and mei wan shouting all the time.HAHA.alex im not sure what he doing there.and im just laugh like hell.
when we reached pfs we went to mcd together with the scouts.
gossiped about SOMETHING there and eat all the time x)

ps/:photos will be upload when miss YEOH ZHI LIN uploads for with her ==

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


was freaking bored so i decided to scan some of my baby just take a look.i know im retarded ==
look at the back

6years old9years old

spot me! xD

ps:/i know the colour not nice,but i also dunno why =(

Saturday, January 3, 2009


today me zhi lin and khai ling went to their rd was really NOT FUN & SIEN!!we were very excited mana tau go there see everyone emo and we separated into two groups again == actually there is nothing happened but looks like and zhi lin reached there at 12something and khai ling reached there at 9 in the morning!*spirited her* i scared jeffrey when i reached cause he thought that im not going xD 3 of us were doing the name tag and the boys dunno do what == thanks to aaron and ong they belanja us lunch!=D *kind man!* after that,me and zhi lin found out that 7gts memang no manner and idiots!xD *points to someone* LOL went back at 8 and fetched zhi lin back =) pheng sheng said:"ouchh!pain!" xDidiots!xD

khai ling blurring

khai ling said:" MY BALL!!" xD
he trying to attack someone.

zhi lin and khai ling hardworking-ing (zhi lin dont kill me)
both of them learning maths from mr.lim pheng sheng ==

they trying to sew the name tag!=D
ginaas playing fire. and we scolded by guard ==
zhi lin.khai ling so cute!
thanks aaron and kee an belaja us lunch!=D

our lunch =P
yue jin.
kai xian ; jeff
gambling all the way.
after fetched zhi lin back her house,i went to eat some thai food with my PEDAS!=\ after that,went to the night market(pasar malam/pasar minggu) walked.heres some pictures =)

i like this!xD
night market.
love eggie!!xD