Thursday, June 25, 2009

more pictures

Grabbed some Gang Show pictures from Winnie's blog =D

Ballet Dance

Indian Dance
nice shot, Winnie! ;D
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gang Show 2009

Date : 20.6.2009
Location : Dewan Sri Pinang
It's all about the Gang Show!
okayy.i should start from friday. Early in the morning i was started to pack bag for my Taipeng Trip.i was planned to go Taipeng under school trip on 20th of june (saturday) and go to Dewan Sri Pinang on friday night to support the Saints School Band.after that went to school normally. the whole class was talking about the trip and we were so freaking excited man! some talking about the shirt while some were discussing about what should they bring.imma one of them of course! xD suddenly,woei jai came my class and told me a bad news.her performance for the Gang Show 2009 having a problem which is no dancers! and she was asked me to join her was like so wth?! last minutes work again?! and guess what? i accepted == but i told her im not going to the rehearsal cause I GOING TO MY TAIPENG WITH FRIENDS!xP
woei jai : we need to learn the dance by tonight.
me : har! Im going out tonight wor.
woei jai : then how ar?
me : (thinking) if i can go on tonight i also cant contact my parents laa.
woei jai : dont worry, i got phone , you call now =P
me : ..... == (get the phone from her)

after i get her phone,went to the toilet and called my parents secretly. thought they will scold and dont allow mana tau they said okay == so i was just followed them back to zhe wei's house after school. to learn the dance ==
i was just learnt the dance for only 1 hour cause went back earlier. reached home and start thinking and asking my mum to give advise.and finally,i gave up for my Taipeng Trip just to get more time to pratice dance for the Gang Show :(

Saturday,which is the day we gonna sia sui in front of thousand people == reached dewan sri pinang at 9 sharp.xinning came juga!xD although she's not our school guides anymore but still semangat to girl guides eh xD when i reached there,we started to learnt the dance again and i was still blurring and confusing about the dance steps. First rehearsal started at 10,we were dancing like an idiot on the stage == After the first rehealsal we were sitting down and having our lunch at there.Lee Lynn the one who suppost to join us,she was late until the second the same time,woei jai made a cruel decision which is asked Mandy to replace Lee Lynn. Mandy was rushly learnt all the steps although she already having another dance. 5 of us were keep practise to make it prefect. until the show get started,every audience came over and including my mum and her friend == all of us started to make up and bla bla bla.our item was the last one *phew* and of course our school performing another dance - ballet dance & indian dance.
Final final part of the night,prize giving ceremony.guess whats the result?! my school PENG HWA retro dance get 1st runner up and ballet dance get compliment!=DD
ohyaa,i met up with lots of friends that night xD
okayy people,i super duper lazy to blog now actually xD just simply crap here nia xD

before the rehearsel, those OC were telling us something.
keep practisingXinning =D
my crazyy partner! xDPei Pei.Lushi!We love to make fun xDkhai ling ; wern yen ; xinning
Lunch time ; mandy decided to take some picture of my jit tor face with my tok tok mee,and she did it ==
jit tor #1jit tor #2jit tor #3Dancers of the Ballet Dance.Xin Yi
Xiao Yun
Samantha Babe
i am so retro,i know xD
practising at backstage
a new friend found from Zainul Abidin
Mandy *love love*
We-Are-Just-So-Retro - Nobody

we won 1st runner up! =D

more pictures

More pictures of Chung Ling Scouts Gathering that i grabbed from Ranger Blogspost.
guilding ; friendship Tradisional Dance by my school

Krian ScoutsModern Dance by my school
Souvenir by my school
Whee! I sprayed it! ;D

Saturday, June 13, 2009


sorryyyy babe and dude!was kinda busy nowadays,just finished update with chung ling gathering.i will be updating about ATC,campfire and outing ASAP =]

Friday, June 12, 2009

CLHS scouts gathering

Date : 10/6/2009
Time : 7am - 6.30pm
Venue : Chung Ling High School
Theme : The Fatal Temptation:Pandora's Box
Wednesday,which is the day we went to chung ling for their scouts gathering.Peng Hwa guides reached there at around 7 in the morning.everyone came with their sleepy and tiring face.with yawn,we registered in at 8 sharp.settle all the juniors and started to hold with our hand-made supporting items. *great great* yuen lin.cai yun and jing yi the in-charger busy busy like a bee!so,me and some others committee leaded all the junior to cheer for our school. *skut tepuk commandor* everyone was enjoyed the gathering as well especially free dance.our temparature ki until the highest,thanks to chienming!LOL our school performed a Indian Dance,Modern Dance,a song name "Only Hope" and a sketch.everyone did their best as in cheering and performing.end up,we get 1st Runner Up and some small trophies which i've forgotten.
here's some photos that i grabbed from chien ming's blog.
MC of the day : Angel MC of the day : Devil
horse shoe after lunch,kena grounded =\
After that,everyone went back to the hall and holding with their own hand-made supporting items,cheer cheer and cheer for own school.
take 1#take 2# take 3#
take 4#
take 5#
take 6#
take 7#
take 8#
game session free dance rockin' on!
banner by PCGHS
yiphei & sheng hui,models of the day.
sketch by PCGHS
Wern Yen the Pandora. LOL

Indian Dance by PCGHS

And of corse,we were not forget to vain after the dance.

May,Mandy and I
Mandy,me *love love*
For more pictures or information,kindly view =]