Wednesday, March 25, 2009


today,was my 3rd day of examination.BC and sejarah today.spended 15minutes to complete my history paper and slept tight in the class xD half of my BC paper was luan luan lai.and im so proud of the ming ju!LMAO.everyone was like playing and fooling around after the exam.and of course,we were freaking noisy and end up scolded by teacher.LOL.jolene came to school with her slippers cause she was injured her toe.oh yeahh,tmr is my last day and last paper.damn freaking happy.and my birthday is coming soon!HAHAHA.this sunday!wohoohooo!xDD oh people,im lazy to write anymore.just enjoy the photo below =]
after exam.
guess what that she drew?
nahh.this is what she drew!xD
yahooo!my writing,my name =]
an ugly woman drew by who?
an ugly woman drew by jolene lee mermaid.
spot her slipper!xD
crazy women!
point 1:hui shan the umbrella. potint 2:jolene conteng-ing at the back.
spot her ass!
who is the one drinking MILO. im the one drinking MILO ==
ITS ME ITS ME! was laughing like hell. xD
FAKE smile! xD

Friday, March 20, 2009


woke up early in the morning,went to mcd and met up with Samm.Jian Ming,Sheng,Gene,Dickson,Minson,Mei Chern,Jojo and Ong was also there.suppose to met up with sam only.but end up everyone came here and joined us == LOL.ate my breakfast at mcd sheng the latest cause he kun beh che!xD walked to taman free school and the guys ate their chicken rice there.and i think i saw my old tuition-mates?after lunch,walked to CC the guys DOTA again == me and sam like sohai wait for them to finish their DOTA. went back earlier and went to pfs again at night.hendry fetched and went for the campnite for a short while.met up with Sam,Sheng,Gene,Enzio,Dickson,Jian Ming,Minson,Jojo,Ong and Joon Han first.they were talking and playing at the corner.obviously,the scouts ponteng-ed the camp.and if not mistaken Yu Ling was over there? hour later,they ALL went to CC again == DOTA all the times.I,myself stayed for the campnite and saw Alex,Chong Yen,Tze Lun,Zhao Sik,Kiatisak and one of the 8th South guy.went back home at 9.

stupid jm's fingers ==
aisehh gene oii xD
maybe he was excited?xD
he want fight xD
jojo ; jian ming

taman free school
rude nooby! xD
she is a scout from cgl. xD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BORED! x100

sunny day,which is a day for me to hang out with friends.suppose to play badminton with the guys.but in the end we girls cancelled it ourselves xD woke up at 8.15 by xinning's call.went down to swimming pool and searching for khai ling.she was there studying sejarah!omg,she's just..hard working!xD unlike me?LOL.we gossiped like an hour and my mum just called and said she's now ready to go == she such as a turtle since she so slow xD decided to go badminton court which is near by the bomba at paya terubong.but we cancelled it just because of xinning =) *long story* xD in the end,we changed the plan =) fetched khai ling to xinning's house and both of them played badminton themselves.dont feels like playing so i dint follow khai ling and i went to dim sum with my mummy again x) this time was ASIA at air itam - which is my old hometown!=D while waiting mummy,vained again xD came back home at 1 something *home sweet home* =) as you know,exam coming soon but im still sitting in front of my computer and blogging.should i go back to my room and keep mumbling with my books?!LOL.maybe im just lazy and finding excuses to ran away from my books.oh no.boooks,i should read you!im sorry.LMAO.the day is getting dark,i should go and mam mam!x)
oh yeahh.i love benefit cosmetics!xD
share with you guys! =D

spot me at dim sum shop! xD
i just..felt very the sien ==benefit!
its time to clean my table ==
maybe i just..hearts them? =)

Monday, March 16, 2009


first im here to wish Mr.Ooi Jian Ming,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =DD
today is jian ming's birthday.a msg woke me up at 8.30 in the morning,and that is jian ming the birthday boy == mum fetched mei wan and jian ming which is already stayed at my house area.went to zhi lin's house to fetch her and melissa =) first,we went to the dim sum shop mum ordered the fish was freaking big!!xD all of us like full until cant walk at all.zhi lin,mei wan,melissa and jian ming were squash into my car like the tomatoes!xD reached gurney at 11 something.celebrated jian ming's birthday at sakae sushi.the waiter took out the birthday cake and everyone sang the birthday song to jian ming.after eaten the cake,we were walked to breeks and met up with the guys.yue jin,kai xian,jeff and alvin.everyone looks so curious because this is his first time came out with us xD normally,his parents dont allow him to go out.LOL.went to movie after meeting them.we watched the movie Marley & Me (if not mistaken) everyone laughed like crazy especially khai ling xD went to big apple and preparing for the birthday is for michelle and vivien(not sure with the spelling) before back,went to breeks again and ate our dinner over there.kai xian and yue jin enter into the wrong toilet!!HAHA.they went into the female's one.LMAO!both of them like talking all the way and follow the girls walked inside the toilet xD fetched yue jin,kai xian,xinning,sheng hui and mei wan car became a lorry again == on the way back,we saw the police blocking the way.luckily we tak kena tangkap by we're over load.LOL.damn scary when we passed by.
squash inside the car
dim sum =)
jian ming the birthday boy =D
using chopsticks to eat the cake ==
xinning x)
sheng hui =)
preparing the card
jia min-feypoBOB-patrick-tekko lim-feypo choo xP