Tuesday, November 11, 2008

we miss you =)

im crying in front of my computer =)
cause im listening to fall for you and looking at the picture when we are together. (we work we share we laugh)
yeah.she is going to singapore soon.study there,stay there.
she is my close friend in my guiding life =)
i will never forget the moment when we all together.
like today,i met up her at playground.
it should be unit2 and unit3 meeting.
but we came out playground to relax.*laugh out loud*
i like the moment when we all are together.
although there was two units members over there,but we still can laugh and play together.
its make me think of her again.
this is our last year to be with her.
enjoying,camping,sharing,playing,working,joking together.
one more month she will be leave us here and fly to singapore.

goodbye,my friend!take care =)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


omg!tvxq new album damn nice!
im so crazy of them now.LOL!
btw,try to listen their songs.
its really nice =)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

stupid meeting ==

yesterday,i went to meeting after school.
before meeting i having my lunch at gurney KimGary and i saw jang giap(if not mistaken) when i on the way to the car park.
he dye his hair!and he is wearing a yellow t-shirt.LOL (no point)
i reach his house at around 4 o'clock cause i ppk-ed him. xDD
it was a UL&US meeting only because my guides and his scouts ppk-ed us.
when we wiring the chicken wire,there's something happened!
(we duno what to do)
so we using his computer to discuss the replica.
we spent almost one hour to discuss.
but he is sitting there and im standing beside him ==
he is not that gentleman!
after that,he gave me work to do and he went inside to online
what a stupid man!
and i went back at 8 o'clock.

because of this stupid meeting i dont get to go halloween party at gurney!