Thursday, December 9, 2010

steady steady

okay i am so panic now, having accounts paper tomorrow. suppose to do revision now but once when i open book, i don't even know what should i study or read or do or memorize? i feels like sleeping and eating but i just too nervous until i can't breathe can't eat and can't sleep. well,can't breathe is a bit over but seriously i breathing so hard now. i keep drinking water. water oh water can you give me energy? i don't get it why i keep drinking just feel so thirsty. climb so hard for 2 years, i don't wanna lost it. i really really don't wanna lost the only hope. pia so long just for tomorrow. i am scared. i am scared of losing it seriously.
i have no direction right now. LOST

Saturday, October 16, 2010

架势非凡 , 龙哥

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's been a long time I never log in to blogspot
take a look at my previous post
WOW it was on April
now I am so semangat to start a new post with a mandarin title
which means, "Thank you , Ketua Kebersihan!"
and why do I used mandarin?
because this post is definately dedicate to my class Ketua Kebersihan
Jolene Lee ; the taiwanese who likes Korean
*inside joke* HAHAHA





Okay, I feel disgusting now :S

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tacit Agreement

what is it about tacit agreement?
well , it will never happen between me and Jolene. NEVER!
this is another post to prove that we are so-no-tacit agreement
if you read the previous one , you will know the first situation.
we went to Gurney with our own family without telling each other.
first i went to Popular , saw my G-Dragon's Heartbreaker was behind.
i was wanted to buy it because that was the only one in Gurney.
whats in my mind was next time go out with Jolene i only buy it
so before i leave i purposely moved it to the front, for fun.
and guess what? Jolene bought the one i moved in front ==
Jolene : I saw your Heartbreaker and I think i saw you.
Wernyen : where you?
Jolene : Popular.
Wernyen : I just went there , now going Nose ==
few minutes later...
Jolene : I'm at Cold Storage.
Wernyen : Wth. i just came up from there ==
this is enought to prove that our friendship is so darn week uh.

Essay Competition

take a look at my previous post.
that was 22 January
it means i have been dead in blog for like 3 months
i feel 2/10 free now
where is the other 8/10?
it is full of homework , logbooks , projects , studies and so on
one month to exam! omgomgomgomg
okay, the reason i update blog is want to share a so-no-tacit agreement-best friend
last saturday i went to an essay competition

The day before competition...
Jolene : What you wearing tomorrow?
Wernyen : Tee-shirt and jeans. You?
Jolene : I'm wearing school uniform.
Wernyen : Wear jeans la!
Jolene : Don't want la. I want to wear school uniform.
Wernyen : Alright.
Competition day...
i was wanted to match with her so i changed my mind.
i was wearing school uniform and yet
i saw her wearing TEE-SHIRT AND JEANS!
omg. she was wanted to match with me so she changed her mind too
end up we still not matching each other ==

Friday, January 22, 2010

F the world

my life is getting busy and busy and busy
but i dont even know what am i busy for
there was so much different between this two weeks
i bet you know about the dragon boat incident
four of my friends were involved
Yi Zhang
Zi Jun
they're just some kind of good students , good children
i wondering why God took away their lives
instead of those bastards
this week im really not in a good mood
feel sad feel uncomfortable
i never think of going to friends' funeral at my teenage year
but how sad , i did it :(
good persons are gone while bastards are still fucking the world with their fucking attitude
sometimes i really feel like banging their head to the wall
they are just fooling fucking bitching around
ohh damn you guys
please fuck off from this wonderful world :)

Yi Zhang
Zi Jun

forgive me for being so rude , seriously im in a bad mood , im sorry


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting with my new life

Im back to school , peepo! :)
its been so long i never back to peng hwa.
i like the feeling when i first stepped in the school compound.
it was so nice to meet up with my beloved friends.
sadly , first week of school was super tiring!
i have to wake up early in morning like 5.30 ==
well, everyone hate waking up for school.
this is why everyday i sleep in the class.
for my future , im trying not to sleep :)
lmao can you believe that Wern Yen said this? xD
but seriously im working hard for this stewpig exam
everyday tuition tuition non-stop
im gonna die soon =\
wish my luck before i disappear from this fugging world! :D