Saturday, December 19, 2009

I See You!

Thursday, first outing after came back from Bangkok
i was suuuuuper happy :D
so-called-as EXCO OUTING
but 3 participants were there
kevin kah heng winnie
catched some nice movies
i was laughing like a mad woman in the cinema
but honestly The Princess and The Frog is so damn funny
even though Avatar
i lost control and laugh like dont know what
cause they're moving like crazeeeee! xD
guess what?
now i only realize
kah heng got a bigggggggg hole under his mouth xD
he dropped out 5 pieces of popcorn from his mouth
and he look like the avatar
blue and bigg

at night
went to ctc campnight
daddy and dii was there too
and finally
big bigg tx group photo! :D

after that Mcd for supper :)
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Bangkok '09

i was tired like hell man
went to bangkok straight after camp
sunbathing everyday
bangkok trip was okay
maybe because i missed out the outings in penang
thats why i got those freaking feelings =\
bought alot alot of thingy for
there's nothing special for souvenirs x]
the weather there is hot hot and HOT TO THE MAX!
and im sick ryte now ==

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Traplex '09

camp is over,but friendship never end! :D my last year in tx was extra fun with those exco and of course my beloved participants.we were having a great time together since meetings get started and that will be continue without me :( i miss every moments i miss everyone!

xoxo ,
khai ling
the bob lim xin yi the female terminator choo xin yi the pig sheng hui the pretty girl mei wan the sleeping beauty kuang ling the ghost kih ee the kiwi megan the soon to be cousin joyce the noob jess the dumb caryn alvin the retarded yue jin the male terminator calvin the good i like it kai xian the stupid daryl the rainbow adrian the fattyy kah heng the monkey aaron the emo kia kok seng the uncle jin jin the last year already kevin the face painting fella kenny the boxers