Friday, January 22, 2010

F the world

my life is getting busy and busy and busy
but i dont even know what am i busy for
there was so much different between this two weeks
i bet you know about the dragon boat incident
four of my friends were involved
Yi Zhang
Zi Jun
they're just some kind of good students , good children
i wondering why God took away their lives
instead of those bastards
this week im really not in a good mood
feel sad feel uncomfortable
i never think of going to friends' funeral at my teenage year
but how sad , i did it :(
good persons are gone while bastards are still fucking the world with their fucking attitude
sometimes i really feel like banging their head to the wall
they are just fooling fucking bitching around
ohh damn you guys
please fuck off from this wonderful world :)

Yi Zhang
Zi Jun

forgive me for being so rude , seriously im in a bad mood , im sorry


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting with my new life

Im back to school , peepo! :)
its been so long i never back to peng hwa.
i like the feeling when i first stepped in the school compound.
it was so nice to meet up with my beloved friends.
sadly , first week of school was super tiring!
i have to wake up early in morning like 5.30 ==
well, everyone hate waking up for school.
this is why everyday i sleep in the class.
for my future , im trying not to sleep :)
lmao can you believe that Wern Yen said this? xD
but seriously im working hard for this stewpig exam
everyday tuition tuition non-stop
im gonna die soon =\
wish my luck before i disappear from this fugging world! :D